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Developer security training from Snyk

Snyk Learn teaches developers how to stay secure with interactive lessons exploring vulnerabilities across a variety of languages and ecosystems.

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Be in control of your own security
education journey

Learn from experts for free

An intuitive learning tool that empowers developers to learn security from industry experts for free.

Learn when it’s relevant

Bite-sized, instant learning content, curated to help you find and focus on just what you need when you need it.

Learn on your own code

Learn about security based on issues found in your own code, so you can understand, fix, and avoid vulnerabilities.
Snyk Learn education journey

Accelerate your Snyk knowledge
with in-depth training

Snyk Learn product training

Onboard faster

Learn best practices from product experts to accelerate your Snyk implementation and increase your ROI.

Increase developer productivity

Empower devs with lessons on integrations, workflows, and rollout to improve adoption across the engineering organization.

Reduce risk

Build and manage a successful application security platform with advice from industry experts.
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Free security education
designed for developers

  • Engaging and actionable developer security education
  • Aligned to the NIST NICE Workforce Framework for Cybersecurity
  • Integrated with the Snyk Platform for just-in-time learning
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