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Using Enterprise Analytics (Tenant->Analytics->Issues)

An enterprise plan beta feature

Overview and prerequisites

Welcome to the Enterprise Analytics overview. This feature is currently in beta.


  • Snyk Enterprise plan
  • Must have permission to view reports for at least one group
  • Participating in the beta for Enterprise Analytics
    • Contact your account manager if you are interested participating in the beta

Lesson Agenda

Video - 2m21s

What is Enterprise Analytics?

Having trouble measuring your application security program? Want visibility on how different development teams are performing? Let us talk about Enterprise Analytics.

  • Overview of the Enterprise Analytics interface
    • Video - 5m13s

Definitions and Navigation

  • If you are an Snyk Enterprise plan customer, having the correct permissions to have access to Enterprise Analytics, it is accessible from the Tenant section of the menu. Snyk Enterprise Analytics-Menu
  • If you have Snyk Enterprise and Snyk AppRisk Pro, the Tenant->Analytics menu will display two tabs
    • Issues menu for Enterprise Analytics
    • Applications menu for Snyk AppRisk Application Analytics Snyk EnterprisePlan w AppRisk-AnalyticsMenus


The following presentation provides definitions of key terms and concepts for Enterprise Analytics

Video - 3m27s

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Use this view for

  • Issue Volume/Type
  • Most prevalent issues

This presentation also discusses Organization and Group breakdowns, in addition to time slicing.

Update: the Exposure breakdown table now features clickable numbers to drill down into the details behind the aggregates clicked!

Video - 6m24s


Use this view for visibility related to

  • Resolved issues
  • Mean time to resolution (MTTR)
  • Total eradicated issues
  • Eradication breakdown
  • Progress

Video - 4m39s


Use this view to understand

  • Issues introduced
  • Timing of introductions
  • Organizational breakdown
  • Prevention wins
  • Prevention challenges

Video - 3m31s


Use this view to better understand

  • Monitored targets and projects
  • Integrations
  • Product usage
  • Project and targets per organization
  • Targets per integrations

Video - 4m03s

Early Access Updates


This section contains updates from the Early Access period based on customer feedback, features improved or updates during the Early Access period, that may not be included in the recordings.

  • When getting started with Enterprise Analytics, especially during pilot or if several users are using it within your company, it's suggested that you filter on Group and/or Organization to start. This ensures personal organizations, which may not be accessible to all, or users with varying levels of access see the same counts/projects factored into their views.

  • The Exposure breakdown table now features clickable numbers to drill down into the details behind the aggregates clicked!