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Configuring Snyk with your source control manager

Integrations and automations

Navigation for integration settings

Introduction to automations

As detailed in the Ways to integrate Snyk at your company course, we recommend a phased approach to adopting Snyk.

The integration settings are where we put the phased roll out of Snyk into practice. In this course, we'll illustrate integration scenarios with GitHub.

This course explains which integrations to enable along your security journey.

Open integration settings for a Project

When you only want to apply automations to a specific project, you'll need to open the integration settings at the project level.

Open integration settings for an Organization

When you want to apply automations to ALL projects within an organization, you'll open the integration settings at the organization level.


Congrats! You learned how to configure your source code manager integration to make the best use of automations for your stage of the Snyk Developer Adoption model.