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Finding source code issues

Using Snyk Code in your Git Code Repositories


Add a project to current organization

This 1 minute video shows how to import a project from your connected source code manager.

The Snyk Projects overview page

After adding your project, Snyk displays an overview of the project on the Projects page, including the number of critical, high, medium, and low vulnerabilities.

Expand the target to view the individual projects. For example, this GitHub repository includes five projects.


Let's open the code analysis file to view the details for this project.

Code project page


  1. Add attributes to the project to define the project owner.
  2. Filters can help you prioritize the list of issues.
  3. The issues identified for this project are listed with details for each issue. The total number of issues (according to current filters) is shown at the top of the list.
  4. Open Snyk Learn in another window for related developer security lesson.
  5. If enabled, ignore this issue temporarily or permanently.
  6. Review full details, including examples of how to fix the issue.

Review code issues

When you scan a code project file, Snyk Code provides information about potential security and quality issues and provides recommendations and sample remediation examples.


Congrats! You learned how to add a code Project to Snyk and review the information that Snyk provides.