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Snyk AppRisk Pro - Using Application Analytics (Tenant->Analytics->Applications)

Product training


Snyk AppRisk Pro Enterprise Analytics provides AppSec teams, as well as CISOs, a birds-eye view of their program from a risk exposure and coverage management perspective, complementing the view provided by Enterprise Analytics.

  • Does my AppSec Program meet the coverage requirements?
  • What is the issue distribution across asset classes, applications, teams?
  • What is the coverage of repos’ cataloging into applications and teams?
  • What are the top most problematic assets?
  • What are the most problematic applications and teams in terms of accumulated issues and coverage gaps?
  • Where are my most sensitive assets?

Snyk AppRisk Essentials - Baseline course for Snyk AppRisk Pro content

Snyk AppRisk Pro's courseware is meant to be consumed after first reviewing Snyk AppRisk Essentials Course. If you are not familiar with inventory, filtering, policies, please check out https://learn.snyk.io/lesson/snyk-apprisk-essentials/

Definitions and Navigation

  • If you are an Snyk Enterprise plan customer, having the correct permissions to have access to Enterprise Analytics and Snyk AppRisk Pro's Application Analytics, the analytic interfaces are accessible from the Tenant section of the menu. Snyk Enterprise Analytics-Menu
  • If you have Snyk Enterprise and Snyk AppRisk Pro, the Tenant->Analytics menu will display two tabs
    • Issues menu for Enterprise Analytics
    • Applications menu for Snyk AppRisk Application Analytics Snyk EnterprisePlan w AppRisk-AnalyticsMenus


The following resources can be of assistance if you'd like more information on Snyk AppRisk:

Using Application Analytics

The following presentation discusses various usecases, filters and usage patterns.

Video: 12m26s

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