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Snyk AppRisk Pro - Insights Overview

Product training


Insights, accessible from the Group or Organization level of the main menu, helps solve several questions asked when shifting security left as part of the development process:

  • What to fix , where to fix, or where did it come from?
  • What issues have the highest risk and are in applications that are actually deployed?
  • Is the application publicly accessible or is it an issue in the operating system you're running it on?



Tagging Format

The tag will be in the form of component=pkg:__location__@__branch__ where __Location__ is the repository location i.e. github, specific to the project you are testing and the __Branch__ specific to the project you are testing.

Example: component=pkg:github/my-org/repo-a@main

For more information on tagging, see:

Setup and Usage

The following videos discuss key considerations and initial workflows for setting up and using Insights:

  • Video - 2m23s
  • Video - 8m57s

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Troubleshooting Insights

Insights has a tab to Set up Insights. This tab is important to be able to troubleshoot and understand why a resource may be appearing or not.