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Configuring Snyk with Bitbucket

How Default Snyk Tests on PRs work in Bitbucket

Use Snyk to block builds in Bitbucket


The Default Snyk Test on PRs feature allows you to set up an automation to block builds so that you can prevent new security and license issues from being added to your codebase. This course demonstrates the process for implementing this automation, either at the organization level or at the project level, as well as the information available for failed Snyk checks to help developers understand why a check fails and what to do about it.

Configure for Organization

When adding the automation for Default Snyk Test on PRs at the organization level, you can block builds to prevent new security and license issues from being added to your codebase for ALL projects in that organization. This automation works together with any license or security policies you have set.

Configure for Project

You can configure Default Snyk Test on PRs for Code Analysis at the project level or the organization level to enable Snyk Code to perform a static application security test when a new PR is opened.

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Review a blocked build

When opening a PR in the source code manager, the default Snyk tests run based on the configuration for that organization or project. Developers can see the results of the test and get more information (via the Snyk interface) to understand why the check failed and what to do about it.

Skip a blocked build

When a Snyk test fails, an administrator has permissions to mark the test as successful to skip the blocked build.


Congrats! You learned how to use the Default Snyk Test on PR automation as well as some other cool stuff!